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Download My New Glasses Have Numbers On The Lenses Background. One is on the lower part of the lens to help you read or see from near, and the other on the upper part you're now more informed about the different categories of lenses and how to read eyeglasses prescriptions and contact lens prescriptions. Single vision lenses are pretty basic stuff.

Dial Vision Adjustable Lens Eyeglasses
Dial Vision Adjustable Lens Eyeglasses from

What does lens index mean? You might experience a number of issues with your vision during the adjustment period for your new until you adjust to your new glasses, you may experience some minor vision issues, but those usually go. Choose from a variety of shapes and sizes and make buying glasses online simple the answer is yes, you can—and we make it easy at eyebuydirect.

The second number — the bridge size — is the distance between the lenses.

This is important because it delineates the optical center of each eyeglass lens. Thicker lens is generally heavier. Lens thickness is always an unknown! When i compared the numbers on the prescription i was given to the numbers on the fax of my prescription, they were all different.

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